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Updated: 21 Nov, 2018
A few years ago, I found this node here, on DIYPlanner: From then
Ok, sorry for a bit of a delayed response announcing our website’s update but HEY it’s all done now!
Founded more than 100 years ago on the progressive vision that education can transform the world, No
Hello Lost Ark fans, we meet again! About a month ago, we had confirmation that Smilegate was hiring
Summer Superfoods You Should be Eating 07/30/2016 · 3 Comments It can be tough staying healthy in t
Welcome to You probably won't find a simpler idea for a website anywhere on the i
A few months ago I had some interesting performance problems with OpenGL on OSX. I identified the pr
Fujifilm X-T2 was just recently announced a few weeks ago and it already has thousands of pros eyein
When I first began writing on SoSuave over a decade ago I used to get into what I consider now some
Really? Are these the words of someone presidential or are they the words of a whiny little child ha
A few years ago, my friend Laura put together a wonderful raw/vegan dinner in San Francisco. I helpe
This is surely one of the most exciting friendlies scheduled Friday. Tottenham and Atletico Madrid w
This patient's presentation is consist
A few years ago, nobody could have guessed that our whole world of communication will fit right into
But it wasn’t that long ago that Michelle Obama said this about Hillary. “If You Can’t Run Your Own
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Seventy years ago, the United States admitted 600,000 European war refugees—and our country was stro
FriendFeed was shut down on April 9, 2015. We maintained the service since we joined Facebook in 200
Several years ago, I lamented the few options available for a provider-grade IPAM solution. Specific
More than 25 years ago, we were the first to focus on the creative, marketing, and digital space. An
A year ago today, a young white supremacist gunned down nine black parishioners at a historic church
Not long ago, 23-year-old actress and singer Miley Cyrus has renewed its relationship with the forme
Hello Dear Client, As you may know, couple of months ago we started a custom modifications service.
Fedora 24 is due to be released in a few minutes and I am super excited to see this (belated) releas
Two years ago FTB and Curse first came together to form a partnership. Since then both parties have