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Updated: 15 Dec, 2019
Join us at #MCC2019 11 & 12 of May during Blockchain week in New York. Exciting talks and panels fro | Talks about Tech n Tips…
African Talks Forum, Chats & News
The most important gathering of free software and open source enthusiasts in Europe is coming on Jan
Recovery-Mode is a blog that talks about android, how to hard reset, soft reset, rooting, firmware u
Docuentary filmmaker Amy Berg talks to hunger magazine about justice, the Trump era, the human spiri
Over 30 talks on how to fight and slow down the aging process.
The Talks is an online interview website with over 300 creative personalities from the world of art,
Abdullah says Taliban is a group which does not have “the courage” of face-to-face talks but it has
Every year, as part of the F8 conference, Facebook builds iOS and Android apps that give attendees a
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